Grey Jean Technologies
The personalization company that improves retailer customer acquisition and sales.
The Right Offer. The Right Time. The Right Channel.
Genie empowers retail marketers to target customers and prospects with contextually relevant messages to drive desired actions.
Surprise and delight customers – really!
Deliver personally compelling offers that evolve at the pace of real life – giving customers exactly what they want.
Predicting Consumer Purchase Behavior – Meet Genie.
The AI-powered recommendation engine that provides the most accurate predictions of consumer purchase behavior.

We help retailers lower the cost and increase the impact of marketing programs

Genie gives retailers the power of artificial intelligence to predict consumer purchase behavior. Target customers and prospects with contextual, price-sensitive marketing offers.

Predicting Consumer Purchase Behavior

Genie, our AI-powered recommendation engine, provides the most accurate predictions of consumer purchase behavior, giving retailers a better way to target, engage and reward customers.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Genie provides the most accurate predictions of consumer purchase behavior so retail marketers can give customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

Grey Jean Technologies was formed by big data technology veterans from Madison Avenue and Wall Street to address the needs of retailers.

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