Grey Jean Technologies: the personalization company that improves customer acquisition and sales across all retail channels

Our leadership team brings decades of big data experience from Madison Avenue and Wall Street to address the needs of today’s retailer.

Cosmas Wong

Cosmas Wong


As a founder of Enso Financial, a leader in the analysis of trading strategy and financial data for the world’s largest hedge funds, Cosmas is no stranger to big data. At Grey Jean, Cosmas applies his experience of shepherding the most sensitive data to the marketing and retail space. An avid traveler and loyalty program enthusiast, he applies his personal passions to the consumer sector. An advisor for technology startups in the payments space, he is an expert at consumer purchase trends.

Timothy Dileo

Timothy Dileo

Chief Customer Officer

Tim is a highly skilled and accomplished C-level executive in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  He has directed CRM teams within diverse industries, focusing on revenue growth and preservation of up to $25 million in annual revenues.  Tim has developed and implemented strategies including organizational design/structure with the talent and resources needed to deliver on customer commitments.  He is exceptionally good at converting the vision and mission of the organization into goals and performance metrics.  He compares actual performance versus goals to serve as a baseline for continuous quality improvement, and to take a proactive versus reactive response to risks and opportunities.

Tom Lorenc


With a PhD in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytech, Tom built “big data” platforms before the term was ever coined. He has launched several companies in education, music and real estate using his background to derive meaning through data science; most notably the Techstars Education company, Modern Guild and the Orchard, a pioneering music, video and film distribution company.



Richard Jarritt

Blockchain Consultant

Richard Jarritt has made reputation for contributions on open source blockchain projects within the
cryptocurrency space. A specialist at team building to tackle back end coding for crypto exchanges, masternode sharing,
governance control solutions and network maintenance. He has a passion to bring blockchain accessibility to legacy business and
focus towards the tech solutions that the industry can bring.  Currently consulting on proposals for Lisk, Asch and Dash and
many widely known projects.   Coding language of choice Javascript and C++.


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